The Mobile “Sweet Spot”

This week in my Internet and Interactive Marketing course at DePaul University, we talked about the “sweet spot” for consumers. Let’s face it- marketers know a lot about us. But, if they reveal too much of what they know, it gets, well. . .creepy.

With the introduction of mobile, marketers know even more- where we are now or where we were yesterday, who we take photos of, perhaps apps you’ve downloaded. But, crossing that line can make consumers uncomfortable.

So, how can marketers properly think about mobile in a way that isn’t intrusive? And should marketers consider jumping on the mobile bandwagon?

I say marketers should spend significant time understanding how consumers are using mobile devices. Consumers are able to filter much of what they see and do on a personal device. Unlike a billboard on I-55 that the consumer must drive by on the way to work, or a commercial during the awards show, consumers can pick and choose.

  • Consumers are accessing the Internet from their device more and more. Data shows us that mobile devices are becoming front and center. In January 2014, comScore reported that consumers accessed the internet via a smart phone and tablet more than they did with a PC. This was the first time in history. Clearly, this should tip off marketers who haven’t already gotten the memo.
  • Apps rule. An interesting fact from Nielsen shows that 89% of media time is spent in apps- social media, email and news are being accessed in on mobile devices.




  • Content is king. I feel like a broken record, but I think quality content wins again. If your content is engaging, people are more likely to tune in. For instance, for a curated, personalized radio station on Pandora, a consumer is likely to listen to the 30-second ad every three or four songs.

In my mind, mobile is a new challenge for marketers- how do you properly reach consumers in this channel? And, how do you do it in a way that doesn’t feel obtrusive and big brother-ish? I think it takes a dedicated marketer committed to creating good content and upping the ante on the sweet spot for consumers, because mobile intrusiveness can feel really creepy. Definitely a challenge and interesting to see how organizations will develop this channel.

So, what is your organization doing in mobile? Have you found the sweet spot?

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