Social Media Strategy: Using Social Listening to Inform Business Decisions

From: Kristi Bruno
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013
To: Jeff D. Boss
Subject: RE: Find Anything? Something?

Hi, Jeff.

I agree we have a huge opportunity on our hands. I’ve done a little research on Social Radar and I am finding a ton of great information about a surge in social chatter over the past two weeks around Sharpie. It appears that much of this chatter is fueled by back to school shopping.

Conversation Increases between 8/1/13 and 8/14/13:

  • Sharpies and Target: Up 48%
  • Sharpies and Amazon: Up 72%
  • Sharpies and Wal-Mart: Up 15%

I’ve included a few key stats and some post level content to share with Ms. Marketing Director at Target.

Sharpies are more than just a school supply to consumers, as you will see below. Users are passionate about Sharpies. They report the item making them happy. Sharpies help to define a person’s style and self-expression:



Conversations around people needing, wanting, getting or buying the product have increased 30% between 8/1/13 and 8/14/13:Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.26.40 PM

Women are leading the conversations around Sharpie:


I think the following steps should be taken to take advantage of this spike in conversation around Sharpies:

  • Tweet an offer code for $1 off Sharpie products at Promote this tweet to maximize reach.
  • Consider placement of Sharpie products in high visibility areas of Target stores including checkout and end caps near back to school items.
  • Consider placement near Juniors clothing department within the store. A great deal of the conversation is coming from women. Presumably younger, based on the analysis of writing level and post level research. There is an element of collecting and sharing happening with Sharpies that leads me to believe they are more than just an instrument for writing, but more as a tool for self expression. I think placing Sharpies in an area of the store focused on personal identify and fashion, we could positively impact the sales figures for Target.
  • Consider promotional pricing in next week’s circular ad.

The passion and chatter around Sharpie is very high. We have an opportunity to help Target’s real-time marketing efforts.


Talk with you soon,


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