Social Media Strategy: Client Analysis and Recommendation of a New Social Media Channel

From: Kristi Bruno
Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2013
To: Jeff D. Client
Subject: RE: Should we be on Facebook?

Hi, Jeff.

Thanks for your email. I am happy to hear you are considering social media, in particular Facebook, as a communications and marketing tool for The Scooter Store.

While it is true that those aged 55 and above are active on Facebook and your end user, I suggest that you entertain a slightly different target market. I think you have a unique opportunity to reach a group of individuals outside your regular target market who might actually be making decisions on the purchase of a mobility device from the Scooter Store for a loved one.

I would propose that The Scooter Store use Facebook to target women, aged 40-60 who are not personally using mobility products. These women would likely not be the end consumer of the mobility device, but growing evidence shows that these women have increasing stepped into the role of healthcare decision makers for their aging parents, and make health related decisions for their families in general. Supporting this claim are the following resources:

  • The United States Department of Labor finds that women make approximately 80% of healthcare decisions for their families and are more likely to be the caregiver when a family member falls ill.
  • Research finds that caregivers are turning to social media and the internet for resources, support and advice when it comes to caring for an aging parent.
  • Research has also found that stress, family turmoil, and a higher burden on female adult children leads to emotional and physical health problems for these caretakers.

As Mr. CEO has pointed out, older adults are gravitating towards Facebook, so as a starting point for The Scooter Store’s social media strategy, I think Facebook is a natural fit.

Based on existing market research and my own investigations, along with reviewing general social media discussion around The Scooter Store, caring for elderly parents, and mobility issues, I recommend a resource and thought leader approach (sharing non-owned resources, behind the scenes content, products, and showcasing personal stories) to social media, targeting these adult women caregivers, aged 40-60. The goal should be to create a community on Facebook with these highly engaged individuals, and provide ideas and resources for both themselves and their family members in need of a mobility device.

A quick sentiment search shows us that there are high emotions in play when it comes to caring for an aging relative. Below is a sample of the top negative and positive words on a search of “elderly parent”. I believe a smart strategy would be building a community of individuals experiencing this same life situation. Providing expert resources, ideas and feedback can help them to feel more in control of their situation.


A breakdown of those talking about elderly parents on social media shows that overwhelmingly, women are involved in these discussions:


A quick analysis of social media over the past 30 days shows “The Scooter Store” mentioned, on average, every 7.9 minutes across social networks and blogs. Marrying this strong brand recognition to a clear need in the market place for support of these caregivers will help to solidify The Scooter Store as a trusted, reliable brand for those seeking the best care for their aging parent. Additionally, social media will allow us to further tell the story of The Scooter Store and what sets the scooter apart from other mobility products.

Please let me know if this approach sounds like something you might be interested in exploring further. I welcome the opportunity to map out a content strategy and brainstorm some additional ideas and resources we need to help you achieve your goals.

Have a great day,

Kristi Bruno


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