Three tools for a social media arsenal

This post was written for my Internet and Interactive Marketing course at DePaul University and appeared on my class blog.  For our assignment this week, we were asked to identify three social media dashboards for our client. The three tools topping our list were Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and All offer great features for managing […]

Twitter: Live from the deathbed

This post originally appeared on KevinMD in February 2014.    We tweet about births, weddings, first days of school, anniversaries, illness, and mundane things like what we had for dinner last night. One area that seems to send shock waves and launches a thousand Mashablearticles is tweeting about someone dying. Last summer, NPR’s Scott Simon tweeted live from his mother’s […]

5 Healthcare Hashtags You Should Be Following Right Now

This post originally appeared on CHEST Thought Leaders, the blog of the American College of Chest Physicians.  Looking for the very latest in your area of expertise? Want to be in the loop on the newest information from around the world? Look no further than the bustling Twitter community for the latest and greatest. Here […]

The Mobile “Sweet Spot”

This week in my Internet and Interactive Marketing course at DePaul University, we talked about the “sweet spot” for consumers. Let’s face it- marketers know a lot about us. But, if they reveal too much of what they know, it gets, well. . .creepy. With the introduction of mobile, marketers know even more- where we are […]

Who is getting social media right?

Veering a bit from healthcare today to chat a bit about full-fledged social media marketing. I think CHEST needs a funny hat, don’t you?  In my DePaul Internet and Interactive Marketing course, our professor posed the question to us, “which brands are getting social media right? Give me four reasons to support your claim.” I […]

Is Social Media Killing Search and SEO?

As someone who works in social media day in and day out, it tends to be all I think about.  So, a distraction in SEO this week in my Internet and Interactive Marketing course at DePaul has been interesting and got me thinking. . . is social killing search and SEO? We all know that video […]

a toast to my mom

I promise to be back in 2014 with more healthcare social media, cool gadgets, interesting apps, etc. But, right now, I guess I’m in the mindset to share my own story. The reason I feel so strongly and have such an interest in the intersection of healthcare and social media: the ability to tell stories. […]