a toast to my mom

I promise to be back in 2014 with more healthcare social media, cool gadgets, interesting apps, etc. But, right now, I guess I’m in the mindset to share my own story. The reason I feel so strongly and have such an interest in the intersection of healthcare and social media: the ability to tell stories.

My mom died last year after getting the flu, pneumonia and then sepsis. (I know, I know…you saw that last one coming from a mile away.) Her death and how I, and the rest of the world, deal with death has really fascinated me. I’ve learned a lot. Wrote a lot. And I’m excited to continue to explore how social media can fuel patient stories and voices, connect communities, and help people to cope with the death of a loved one or help to manage care.

But, for now, a toast to my mom. It is NYE, after all. Missing and remembering my mom today. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. December 31, 2012 was the most heartbreaking day of my life. So unexpected and far too soon. Please toast my mom tonight as you ring in 2014.

My toast to her. . .

May your eternity have endless springtime, a library of your favorite books, good friends and family, a warehouse of Christmas decorations, a daschund to warm your feet, the best reruns on TV, old school country music, game shows where you know all the answers, a buffet of cheese, a smart ass to keep you company, epic Scrabble battles with the perfect spot to play the X and the Q, lots of cute red clothes and accessories, fields of daffodils, and a direct line to peek in on Grace and Ginger.

And, if you knew my mom, I’d love to know your favorite memory or a funny story you have with her. May 2014 be your best year yet. Happy New Year!


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