Beyond Facebook and Twitter: Building Your Social Media Presence

Our new media team has strategically grown our medical association’s social presence beyond Facebook and Twitter, the two platforms which have become an absolute default for most brands. It can be a difficult task to determine where to go next. My team is exploring visual platforms, audio platforms and many others. Here are a few interesting ideas if you’re considering branching out.


We use Pinterest to highlight our meeting destinations. Our community knows our meetings offer great clinical content, but what about the location? We’ve employed Pinterest boards for our meeting locations for the past few years. It’s an easy, visual way to show off the great meeting locations!


We use Spotify to create playlists themed around each city we visit for our annual meeting. Nothing gets you in the mood for your destination like a well-curated playlist!



We don’t have an endless supply of interesting images, but we’ve used Instagram to engage our audience with “text as image” images highlighting facts and statistics around disease states. We’ve also had a great response with our Throwback Thursday images on Instagram. The posts perform well on Instagram, but also on Facebook and Twitter!



Which new platforms (or just new uses!) have your teams explored?

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