Living in a clinical world? Four tips to liven up your social media presence.


I manage the social media platforms for a medical association and find myself with an abundance of text, data, and complicated health information to share with our community. Promoting text-heavy, clinical content can be a difficult task. However, I’ve found several ways to liven up content, entice others to pay attention, and highlight the human side of medicine.

Pay attention to the numbers. We share many clinical journal articles, but we also   share a wide range of stories highlighting the human side of medicine. First-person stories resonate with our audience. We seek out content from the New York Times, NPR, and other smaller blogs. We would lack understanding about the impact of these stories if we weren’t paying attention to the metrics. Decisions are best made, especially in social media, when you have data and metrics to back up those decisions.

PixTeller Example Plain-text statistic transformed into a sharable image.


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