Independent Study: New Media and Healthcare

In my final quarter in DePaul University’s New Media Studies MA program, I’m conducting an independent study where I’ll focus on healthcare and new media. I’m hoping to examine new media trends, challenges and opportunities around the healthcare industry—specifically pharmaceutical companies, healthcare systems and hospitals, health insurance companies, medical associations and other healthcare-related businesses. I’ll […]

Who is getting social media right?

Veering a bit from healthcare today to chat a bit about full-fledged social media marketing. I think CHEST needs a funny hat, don’t you?  In my DePaul Internet and Interactive Marketing course, our professor posed the question to us, “which brands are getting social media right? Give me four reasons to support your claim.” I […]

Is Social Media Killing Search and SEO?

As someone who works in social media day in and day out, it tends to be all I think about.  So, a distraction in SEO this week in my Internet and Interactive Marketing course at DePaul has been interesting and got me thinking. . . is social killing search and SEO? We all know that video […]