Information Ecologies: Memories and Histories

I’ve been assigned a task as a final project in my New Media Studies grad class to examine a local information ecology. A “local information ecology,” you ask? In the book Information Ecologies: Using Technology with Heart, Nardi and O’Day discuss several topics including the concept that if you look at technology and information ecologies […]

Love Letters. The “Anti”-New Media?

This weekend, I’m not checking out of technology- vowing to stay off Twitter, stopping the pinning on Pinterest, or changing my Facebook password, but I am going old school. I’m writing letters. I was inspired to write after the readings in my New Media Studies course, but was also reminded about the power of letter […]

Technology is a Symptom

Depression. Anxiety. Adolescent angst. The tail end of Turkle’s book, Alone Together, focuses on topics of betrayal, escapism, anxiety, and how technology impacts each of these areas. Turkle relies on extreme cases, but I saw a lot of powerful insights in the areas she explored. Examples of individuals struggling with employment, social interaction and life […]

Alone Together.

I enjoyed the readings for this week’s class. And as a parent, I found myself feeling really nervous about parenting two girls who will someday have to experience adolescence. ETA: It wasn’t the about the technology. It was more about the fact that ohmygod isn’t it really hard to be a teenager? Ever? 1960. 1990. […]