You can find me on Linkedin,  Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Check out my blogging elsewhere by visiting my portfolio page.

I work as Director of Communications, Media, and Marketing  for the American College of Chest Physicians, and I am a graduate of the New Media Studies MA program at DePaul University in Chicago.

I love all things new and social media. I enjoy developing social media strategies, content strategies, channel strategies and integration, social listening, social advertising, storytelling and ridiculous GIFs. I also love pitching media, writing, and developing compelling stories. I have a keen interest in end-of-life issues and the role social media can play in improving this inevitable experience.

Want to get in touch? Send me an email, kristibruno@gmail.com.

Check out my resume.

This blog.

This is a blog about new media, communications, PR and healthcare. Applying the new media lens to all things healthcare.

  • Exploring the possibilities and limitations of the intersection of new media and healthcare.
  • Examining how new media can give individuals (patients, advocates, and practitioners) a voice in the complex healthcare environment.
  • Discussing trends in this area: apps, advances, meetings, news and services.
  • Touching on how technology can help to tell the story of families, journeys and relationships.
  • Exploring the role of technology and social media in bringing together communities.
  • Occasional super-geek moments of new media dishing.
  • Chatter about marketing and communications.

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